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​Bougie, palette, Tête de taureau rouge
Created: 1938
Oil on Cavas
Location: Europe

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Pablo Picasso 1964
Very Good  condition
First Addition Aquatint Print
Dated 23 - 5 - 64
Signed with COA

​Location USA
Limited Edition Signed Giclee Prints
 In 1964 Picasso was painting on the French Riviera and documented painting 13 works of art, Le FUMAR. A series, in crayon, pastels, charcoal...on heavy bound paper, allegedly self portraits. Very few of Picasso etchings in this period.

Picasso had to personally and intimately be involved in the process of aquatint printing. It is believed that Rodger Lacourier and Jaques Frelaut worked with Picasso using copper plates, sugar syrup and water. 

Amazing Masters Collection on The Market
Art from the ages in this unbelievable collection of over 90 works of art from 36 Masters. This collection is beautifully matted and framed and in excellent to very good condition, curated and has complete portfolio of COA's.

Florance Comas
Marc Chegall
Pablo Picasso
Edgar Degas
Theodore Roussau
Salvador Dali
Joan Miro
Henri Matisse
Auguste Herbin
Alexander Runciman
Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
Hieronymus  Wierix
Emily Nicholson
Claude Monrt
Owen Jones
Old Master(s)
John Hardman
​Martine Delaleuf​
​​Jacques Callot​​
Edoaurd Manet
Georges Braque
Andy Warhol
Max Ernst
Antoni Clave
Paul Cezanne
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Renbrandt Van Rijn
Camille Pissarro
Alexander Hugo Bakker
Marten De Vos
French School
Leonardo Da Vinci
Emil Orlik
Claude Lorrain
Aristide Maillol

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Some New 2018 Works of Contemporary Fine Art

Angela Blackburn

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ART In Architecture & Exterior  /  Interior Design - Murals
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A Tribute To one of our Artists In Residence - Congratulations! for the amazing works of art in the "Impressions of Humanity Project". Marcos Antonio - Artist

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